The Barnabas Chronicle – Spring 2016

The Barnabas Chronicle

Spring 2016


AZ Greetings from Joel and Toni Tetreau! As we come into the spring months of the year, we pray this note finds you well. Frankly to say we have come into a busy season in our life would be an “under-statement.” As many of you know our family is facing a full-cup of transition. We just now are finishing building a new music studio for Toni. We took the old studio and connected it with our guest bedroom and turned it into a guest suite with a small living room and new kitchenette. This will help us keep loved-ones and visiting guests in the years to come. Our eldest son Jonathan and his fiancée Britney will be wed on May 28, right after Jonathan graduates from Arizona State University. Jonathan continues to work at an Italian restaurant in Gilbert while at the same time he works an internship at CBS radio in Phoenix. Also in May, our youngest son Joshua will be finishing high school. Joshua placed first chair in the east valley music regionals and now has made it to the all-state choir. Jeremy, our middle son has a real possibility of increased responsibility both in his summer ministry in up-state New York as well as on the campus of Liberty University for his upcoming junior year. Additionally, Jeremy has found a fantastic church in Lynchburg where he serves during the school year. Jonathan and Joshua continue to make a real impact in ministry with us at SVBC. We are thankful for our sons and the young men of faith they have grown to be.

We are coming into the heart of our busy season at Southeast Valley Bible Church. We are so very thankful for new families who are joining us and sharing in the work of ministry. What a blessing to have help! The Lord has sent us some solid new leaders who when mixed in to the present core of co-laborers is creating a team to help us get to the next level of ministry. Our ministry schedule at church is especially busy from the fall to the end of spring. It seemed especially so this year. We have had numbers of special events and special Sundays. Some of those included an extensive planning meeting with the elders and deacons of SVBC to identify high level objectives for the next year. We also had a 25th year anniversary celebration for Pastor Gary and Jennifer Davis who have logged in a quarter of a century in combined ministry between Maranatha Baptist and Southeast Valley Bible Church. We enjoyed a variety of great events during the month of December such as our annual hay ride, Christmas Eve service, our New Years Eve “family-fun night” not to mention our Children’s and Adult Christmas programs. In February we enjoyed our “Love and Friendship banquet” as well as special speaker Les Lofquist and his wife Miriam from the IFCA International. At the end of February we combined our leadership academy, theology group and our Men’s Saturday activity to enjoy a special evangelism training by Pastor Gary Davis for the church family. In the coming days we look forward to our Easter Sunday Resurrection Breakfast (10 AM) and service (10:45 AM). We will have a Good Friday service at 7 pm.


I am blessed in that SVBC shares me several days each month with the ministry of IBL (Institute of Biblical Leadership). I continue to serve IBL as the Western Regional Coordinator. Most months I’m able to do my IBL ministry and be back home for the preaching ministry on Sunday. A few times each year I have to miss a Sunday service and I’m thankful that Pastor Gary and Pastor Jesse are there to help lead the congregation pastorally when I’m out of town. Just as SVBC has had a busy season the same has to be said about our work with IBL West. Each month I have been involved in ministry consultation, coaching, counseling and/or leadership training here in the West (and beyond). Recent IBL ministry has taken me to Norway, Africa, Spain, Seattle, San Francisco and within our state of Arizona. In the spring we look forward to some additional IBL internal staff training that we try to do each April out in North Carolina. These staff training sessions are very important as it gives the staff of IBL a chance to plan for the ministry year ahead while at the same time improve our skills in the various areas of ministry that IBL ( find ourselves in. The IBL leadership team presently is serving over 60 different leaders (and the ministries they serve) from around the planet. In addition to the staff here in North America we have several other staff members internationally (Vietnam, India, Kenya, etc…).


The next significant international missions trip will be in late May and early June in just a few months. As many of you know as my sons finish high school it has been my thrill to take them with me on one of these ministry trips. This time it is with delight I will take my youngest son, Joshua Tetreau to South America. I think maybe I’ll leave him! He’ll fit right in with Juan, his coffee and that smile! Joshua and I will be doing ministry and encouraging dear brothers and sisters first in a ministry south of Santiago Chile, followed by time with a dear ministry near Cordoba Argentina ending our trip with a visit to one of our dear missionaries in Montevideo, Uruguay. This will include teaching IBL leadership material as well as preaching and encouraging God’s servants. Please pray for safety and ministry effectiveness. If you would like to give a financial gift to help us get there and to help get Joshua back home……please make a check payable to “Southeast Valley Bible Church” and in the memo just put “Pastor Joel’s & Joshua’s missions trip”…….or “Pastor Joel’s ministry travel.” The mailing address for SVBC is 710 E. Williams Field Rd., Gilbert, AZ 85298.


As we watch the fiasco of American politics unfold before us, it’s refreshing to remember that God’s Kingdom and his work for the church is not dependent on who is in office here or anywhere else. The corps of governments that shook their fist in the face of heaven is discovered all the time by archeologists that have been preserved under tons of dirt and rock to remind us that our home is not here. Both at SVBC and at IBL, we are clear on the two investments that last for eternity. God’s Word and His People! Thanks for taking the time to read our correspondence. For you who would like to read more of what I’m writing, I’ve had a few articles posted lately. I wrote an article that was published at the blog “Sharperiron” ( this last month. Voice Magazine will also soon be publishing an article that is from my book, “Pyramid and the Box: The Decision-Making Process in a Local New Testament Church” (Wipf and Stock Publishing, 2013). Thank you for your partnership in friendship and ministry.  Please know if you get this note we love you and are thankful for your co-labor in your corner of our Lord’s Vineyard. We see you as friend…..not just because of prayers and financial gifts…..but because of our co-work for Christ.


Straight Ahead!


Dr. Joel Tetreau (Blessings also from Toni and the boys)

(Senior Pastor – Southeast Valley Bible Church –

(Western Regional Coordinator – Institute of Biblical Leadership –









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