The Barnabas Chronicle: Ministry Update

The Barnabas Chronicle: Ministry Update                          Dr. Joel Tetreau

Summer 2015                                             “Ministry Leadership in the West”

Arizona Greetings from Dr. Joel and Toni Tetreau. The Barnabas Chronicle is our quarterly attempt to communicate the various details of life and ministry from the Tetreau home plus the ministries of Southeast Valley Bible Church in Gilbert, AZ ( as well as from IBL West (Institute of Biblical Leadership –

As most of you know, in addition to serving SVBC as the lead pastor, the congregation of SEVBC shares me for four days a month with IBL as the western regional coordinator. The mission of IBL is to encourage Christian leaders (and the ministries they serve) in a variety of ways such as leadership training, coaching, consulting, counseling, and crises response. The staff at IBL is presently serving fifty ministry cases between these various IBL wings.

It was refreshing during May and June to have all of our sons home. Our middle son Jeremy, has left to work at a Christian camp in upstate New York for the remainder of the summer. When his work is done, he will fly straight to Lynchburg to begin his sophomore year at Liberty University. Jonathan will continue his studies at ASU this year as a senior. Jonathan continues to also work hard at his job and he has taken over the sound ministry at church, which has been a blessing. Joshua will finish up his high school as a senior this year at TCA near us in Chandler. Joshua also helps in the ministry of SVBC. Most Sundays he helps with leading some of the congregational singing in our worship service. Toni of course continues to be my right arm, foot, hand and brain. She continues to help with the ladies ministry, the music ministry and this summer, she coordinated our VBS program.

We enjoy our summers because it gives our family a different schedule. Toni teaches piano year round except for a couple of months in the summer. During her time off, she has kept herself busy this year with family travel as well as a couple of trips back to New Mexico to help care for her mother who was hospitalized. In May, we enjoyed a nice family cruise from Seattle up the inside passage to Alaska and back. This was a wonderful trip, especially with the boys getting older and knowing the realities of their moving on to build lives of their own. As I write this update, I am enjoying my third week at Grand View Camp. I was privileged to speak at the staff training the first week of June. It was also my thrill to speak at Ponderosa Bible Church the Sunday before the staff week at Grand View. In the time since, I have brought two subsequent groups (teens and now juniors) to the mountains just above Eager, AZ. These weeks give me time for prayer and study. I always go down the mountain refreshed.

We’ve had an encouraging quarter of ministry at Southeast Valley Bible Church. With the increase of dear saints who have had health issues, it’s been a blessing to see the congregation reach out to each other with meals, love and care. Special thanks to those who have helped with various projects. We have finished the major work on the sun cover for the playground and we have completed the work on the  room behind the Christian ed building. The new sign at church will be soon put up showing the name change from SEV Baptist to SEV Bible Church. We’ve had several new families that have started attending. Additionally, we are getting set to start up our small group ministry as we progress through the summer months. As noted earlier we enjoyed a great VBS program called “Terrific Tuesdays” through the month of June. We saw just over thirty different juniors participate in our VBS this year. That enthusiasm is also seen in our children’s ministry that has thrived under the leadership of Pastor Gary Davis and the various children’s workers that are helping during Sunday School as well as Children’s Church. We are very thankful to all those who helped with the Patriot’s Breakfast on July the 5th. We had a fun service with the VBS kids singing. The youth ministry enjoyed a fellowship over the weekend of July the 4th  and we continue to appreciate the ministry of the Conleys and Ross Rector who faithfully minister with our teens. We also are thankful for those who have helped with the children’s and nursery ministry. As we come into the fall months we have several young ladies expecting children and we could use an increase of volunteers for the nursery ministry. Those who are willing to help, please contact Katie Muldoon. In just a few weeks we will enjoy our annual “it’s – too hot to be outside” Bowling & Pizza activity on Sunday, July 26th.

The ministry of IBL West continues to increase. IBL ministry schedule will include travel here in the west, the mid-west and the east-cost. These ministries include leadership training, consulting with ministry leadership teams, as well as helping local Christian leaders with specific coaching and counseling situations. Usually I’m able to be back home in the pulpit for Sunday ministry after my IBL trips. On the occasion I can’t make it back, we continue to be thankful for the preaching ministry of the other elders at SVBC. I will be leaving at the end of July for a two week missions trip that will take us to England to see Dan and Becky Warf (SVBC Chaplain at a NATO base just outside of London), on to Africa with Tom and Denise Canfield (SVBC missionaries in Nairobi) where we will conduct pastoral training for 60-80 (or more) African leaders in and around Nairobi. On our way home, we will stop and minister with Pete Knickerbocker in Orleans (outside of Paris), France. I will be travelling with Dr. David Deets who serves as lead pastor at Whitneyville Bible Church near Grand Rapids, Michigan and who is also a fellow-member of the IFCA. David is a dear friend in life and ministry and I look forward to our ministry together. Kimberly and Toni (our wives) were scheduled to be with us but we felt at the time of purchasing our tickets it wise to keep the ladies home because of the upgraded ISIS activity in Africa. We will take the gals with us, Lord-willing, on a future ministry trip as God opens those doors for us.

There still are a few financial needs for the upcoming trip to Africa. If you are willing to help with the expenses of the trip, please make your checks payable to Southeast Valley Bible Church and just put in the memo section of your check “Pastor Joel’s Africa ministry trip.” The mailing address for SVBC is 710 E. Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295. It will cost us about $3000 to rent the facilities that can house, feed and transport the pastors for the pastoral training. Any size gift will help with this need. If you cannot give please pray for our safety and effectiveness as we travel. ‘

If you are getting this note it means you are “family” to us. We love you and are so very thankful for your friendship and the various ways you support our ministry. I know most of us were discouraged after the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. I will admit I was more than discouraged, I was angry. I hope it was “righteous indignation.” Let me remind you that we’ve had immoral leaders making immoral decisions in our history, and God has brought change to some of those in the past. I’m praying He will do it again! Perhaps God is allowing our nation to experience these moral set-backs to remind His children about the importance of spiritual faithfulness just as He did with Hosea’s having to deal with his immoral wife Gomer. I am encouraged when I read “Return, O Israel, to the LORD your God. Your sins have been your downfall!” (Hosea 14:1). Notice upon the return of His people, God’s response, “I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them.” (Hosea 14:4). Perhaps our best hope for our culture and our courts is for God’s children to return to Christ in loyalty and faithfulness. God bless you as you faithfully plow in your corner of the Lord’s vineyard! Straight Ahead!                                                                                           Pastor Joel Tetreau

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