The Barnabas Chronicle: Ministry Update

The Barnabas Chronicle: Ministry Update                                  Dr. Joel Tetreau

Spring 2015                                                “Ministry Leadership in the West”

Arizona Greetings from Dr. Joel and Toni Tetreau along with the ministries of Southeast Valley Bible Church and Institute of Biblical Leadership (IBL West). We pray as you find this note that you are encouraged as we work our way towards closer and closer to the end of the winter months.


The purpose of the “Barnabas Chronicle” is to give you our friends and family an update with the happenings of both Southeast Valley Bible Church ( as well as IBL West ( As most of you know I continue to serve the congregation of SVBC as the lead pastor. I am privileged to work with three other men who aid us in the tasks of shepherding and then six deacons who work along the pastor/elder team giving diligence to the physical and benevolent sphere of ministry. I also continue to serve as the Regional Coordinator for IBL West. My territory is from Montana, south to Texas and then everything west of that. While the West is my primary region of ministry, it is also true that I periodically find myself doing IBL work outside of the West. Part of that is that the IBL staff is frankly overwhelmed with a large volume of ministry demand for the size of a ministry team that we have. The congregation of SVBC is gracious in that they allow me to dedicate three to four days a month to the ministry of IBL.


As I think back on the last year I would say a word that comes to mind is “transition.” Both SVBC and IBL have gone through a significant time of transition over the last year or so. Frankly I’m energized by new things, so these transitions in the main have been encouraging as I’ve watched God bring new excitement into His work. In the last year we as a congregation at SVBC have seen several important changes. First, we have just recently changed the name of our church from Southeast Valley Baptist Church to Southeast Valley Bible Church. Second, we have a half dozen new leaders that are serving either on the pastoral team or the deacon team. The new group of leaders is giving us a real shot in the arm with renewed enthusiasm for the mission we have at SVBC. Also encouraging have been the several new families that have joined our congregation over the last many months. We also have added a few new ministries. One of those is a re-organized Tuesday morning Bible study that meets at 10:00 AM followed by a great potluck lunch at 11:00 AM. While the group is aimed at our senior saints we actually have a rather multi-generational span that meets together each Tuesday morning. This last week we had nearly 20 in attendance. The study, prayer and fellowship have been encouraging. This coming Wednesday (2/25), we will meet for our next “Theological Lecture/Discussion Group.” Our present topic of study is on the doctrine of Christ. All of this has combined to create a fresh spirit in the church that has been a blessing to all of us. We look forward to our 7 pm Good Friday service (April 3) and of course our Resurrection Sunday Service on April 5. We will meet for an Easter Breakfast at 10 AM on Resurrection Sunday followed by our normal service time at 11 AM.


At IBL we continue to appreciate the new leadership given to our “side by side” ministry with our friend and colleague Dr. David Phelan who serves as our new President of IBL. Russ Lloyd, the founder of the ministry, continues to give us great leadership both at IBL Vietnam as well as the other wings of IBL ministry. The Institute of Biblical Leadership exists to come alongside of God’s leaders and the ministries they serve. The core of our ministry revolves around coaching, consulting, counseling and leadership training. A significant part of consulting is helping ministries navigate crises. As I write this update we have at least a half dozen ministries here in the west that are talking to us about the possibility of our helping them sometime in the calendar year. Some of the ministries are simply needing some teaching and coaching with principles of Biblical leadership for some of their leaders. Other ministries are dealing with real struggles or perhaps not necessarily crises, but rather may need help thinking through how to navigate upcoming seasons of change and transition. Locally we look forward to an Arizona IBL leadership seminar April 17-18, meeting at Southeast Valley Bible Church here in Gilbert. These are not just busy days for IBL West but frankly the entire staff and board of IBL are feeling the effect of a heavy load of ministry. IBL staff have ministered around the globe over the past several years. Just about every continent has seen IBL staff in ministry. Those of you in ministry leadership need to know that we at IBL stand ready to help you if you ever need our assistance.


This brings me to a prayer request and frankly a specific need that some of you might be able to help us with. For the first time in many years I plan on taking my wife (Toni Tetreau) with me on a ministry trip.  In the past Toni has had to stay home to deal with the responsibilities life affords when you have dependent children. With our youngest now having his driver’s license, Toni feels free enough with her summer schedule to come with me on an overseas ministry trip. We will be doing ministry in England, Africa and then France in late July and early August. Toni and I will be teaming up with soon to be Dr. David Deets who pastors Whitneyville Bible Church in Alto Michigan. David and his wife Kimberly will be going with us for a short season of pastoral training in and around Nairobi Africa. We will stop enroute to see some ministry friends near London, England. After our ministry in Africa the girls will fly home and David and I will stop off to visit a dear brother in the Lord who ministers near Paris, France.  The plan is to do some pastoral teaching – perhaps as many as 70 pastors in Nairobi, principles of ministry leadership that these leaders can directly apply to their African ministries. This ministry will be in partnership with our missionaries Tom and Denise Canfield who are out of our home church here in Gilbert, AZ.


Please pray for us as we plan and then execute this ministry trip. Perhaps you would be willing to give a special gift. Not only do we have the expense of getting to and from the mission field, but we also are raising enough money to house, feed and then give each African leader various leadership material that will help him in his ministry. A part of that material will include my published book on decision-making and leadership in the church published by Resource Publications (WipfandStock Publishers). If you are willing to help us financially, please make your check payable to Southeast Valley Baptist Church (the paper work for the name change has not been completed yet). In the memo section of the check you can simply indicate this is for Pastor Joel’s missions travel……or ministry travel.


Thank you for your continued interest, prayers and partnership in the Lord’s vineyard. I just preached from Matthew 20 where Jesus teaches about the different workers in the Vineyard. Some of us have been working since the early morning. Others of us have been working since noon. A few of us have just recently been in the employ of the Master. All of us are dependent upon His grace not only for ministry but for fruit of our labor. No matter how you are partnered to us, please know Toni and I love you and are thankful that you are in our lives. May God bless you in the coming days. Your friend!


Straight Ahead!


Dr. Joel Tetreau

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