The Barnabas Chronicle: IBL and Family Update

In addition to serving as lead pastor here at Southeast Valley Baptist Church (read the church update here), it is also my privilege to serve as the Western regional coordinator of IBL (Institute of Biblical Leadership). My primary territory is marked from Montana, south to New Mexico and everything west of that (including Alaska and Hawaii). At IBL we primarily focus on 5 different missions. Those include the following:

  1. Coaching of ministry leaders and their teams;
  2. Counseling ministry leaders (personal, marriage, family, ministry issues, etc…);
  3. Consulting leaders and their teams in areas such as direction, vision, long term goals, short term priorities, problem solving, etc….;
  4. Crises response (these are helping leaders and/or there ministries to handle a crises that threatens the health of the life of the ministry);
  5. Leadership training (IBL has nearly 100 different workshop topics dealing with traits of Biblical leadership).

Often we will partner with an area church and will organize seven or eight leadership workshops around a general theme, bringing Biblical and practical instruction on various issues that deal with the life, character and skill sets of the ministry leader. IBL’s vision is the following:

We are the Institute of Biblical Leadership. Directed by and dependent on God and His Word, we are dedicated to encouraging and equipping spiritual leaders to apply biblical principles of godly leadership through the power of the Holy Spirit. We minister to individuals and organizations around the world to enhance their effectiveness in God’s service. We are burdened to make a difference!

The congregation of SVBC allows me to give three or four days a month to the ministry of IBL. Practically, that means about every six or seven weeks I’m out of the pulpit ministering somewhere in the Western US. I’m grateful for Pastor Gary Davis and other leaders here at SVBC who always do a fantastic job in the pulpit. I’m also grateful for the tireless work of many behind-the-scene brothers and sisters that support my IBL work by being faithful in their corner of the vineyard here at SVBC.

In the coming year, the Lord has already opened a variety of doors here in the United States: two IBL trips to California, another trip or two to Eastern Arizona, a trip to the Carolina’s, a trip to Utah, and then two or three potential trips to the Midwest. We at IBL are praying about the Midwest to eventually develop another “regional presence.” We are hopeful that soon there might be an “IBL Midwest,” just as there is an “IBL Vietnam” and an “IBL West”. During the last part of May and the early part of June, I have been invited to do IBL kind of ministry in the Philippines, New Zealand, and a few other potential stops in that part of the Pacific. I have also been invited to speak a year from November to a large group of Baptist missionaries in Mexico over the challenges facing ministry in the twenty-first century. Frankly, there are several other international trips that are in the works that, Lord willing, will take me several years to execute. One of those is a potential trip to train national leaders from Morocco in Tunisia.

In the midst of all of this, I have a family! Toni and the boys are well. Toni continues to help me in the ebb and flow of ministry in both a general way (Pastor’s wife stuff) as well as her own specific ministries (one of those being leading the choir and helping Pastor Gary in the overall flow of the music ministry). In addition to that Toni continues to teach nearly forty piano students. The prep and actual work is nearly a full-time job for Toni. I am so grateful for the life-mate that God gave me. There is no way I could have accomplished anything I’ve done without her support (I know you all know that – you can be relieved that I know that).

Our three sons continue to move forward in their goals and pursuits. All three of them continue to enjoy music. We enjoy singing as a family. Jonathan is a sophomore at ASU, has a great job and is heavily involved in our college and career ministry here at SVBC. Jeremy is a senior at Tri-City Christian Academy, continues to study violin and is praying about the direction he will head for college. Joshua is a sophomore this year at TCA and continues to work hard with his guitar and his dogs.

I am enjoying this time of the year. The next seven months is hiking season, and I’m working hard to get on the trail two or three times a week. In addition to that, it is football season! Pastor Joel really enjoys relaxing with a college football game here and there.

If there is a special gift that we receive beyond all others by being in the Lord’s work, it is the gathering of friends that we have been blessed with while in the pursuit of ministry. One the one hand we are thrilled with loved ones we have carved a relationship with. On the other hand, we miss you dearly. If you ever find yourself in our corner of the map, please let us know. It would be a delight to host you and enjoy a cup of coffee and some fellowship with you. If we can ever be a help to you personally or your ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally. My email address is

We still need periodic or regular financial support. Let me mention three needs that we ask you to pray for:

  1. IBL West needs about $500 of monthly support. This allows us to travel and minister to leaders, many of whom simply cannot afford all that IBL does for them and their ministries.
  2. I am trying to raise enough money to send 500 copies of my new book to various leaders who have (or will have) been trained in the ebb and flow of our international ministry (which is largely to national leaders over-seas). Again these are often leaders who simply could not afford a copy of my book.
  3. The next major missions trip to the Pacific will be a costly one but an important one. We will be training over 200 full- and part-time ministry leaders in the Philippines alone. That doesn’t include the other aspects of our work on this trip. If the Lord places a burden on your heart for any of this, please send a check to Southeast Valley Baptist Church and in the check memo just write out what the check is for. Our address here is 710 E. Williams Field Rd. – Gilbert, AZ 85295

Thank you for your friendship and support in praying or giving! May God richly bless you as you grow in your understanding of your mission, and then as you faithfully plow in your corner of the Lord’s vineyard.

Straight Ahead!


Pastor Joel

Dr. Joel Tetreau

Senior Pastor – Southeast Valley Baptist Church (Gilbert, AZ)

Western Regional Coordinator – Institute of Biblical Leadership (Lake Lure, NC)



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