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Dear Family/Friends,                                        The Barnabas Chronicle – Fall 2017 (Sept 13)

The Tetreaus are thankful as we head into the fall months of 2017. I write you on what may be the last day of triple digits for the Valley of the Sun. The next days the “Weather Channel” is forecasting our highs to be in the 90’s and the lows in the 60’s. I can’t begin to explain how good that is to the ears of Arizona dwellers.

The family is well. Jonathan and Brittany are busy with jobs and a dog. They also serve in several strategic ministries at our church. Jeremy continues in leadership and study at Liberty University. He is heavily involved in his church and especially their music ministry. Josh is healing up from a shoulder surgery and looking forward to getting back into working with the Children’s church preparing the young ones for our children’s Christmas program, leading some of our adult worship and playing guitar as he begins his sophomore year of study at ASU. Toni is back into the swing of piano and helping here and there at church. We kicked off the fall slate of ministries this last week at Southeast Valley Bible Church and the congregation was almost entirely full. Additionally, we sent a team and a trailer filled with supplies to flood victims in Houston this week. It looks as if we will need to add chairs in the months to come, especially as our winter families return to worship with us. I am particularly encouraged by our discipleship ministries such as a new small group Bible fellowship in Queen Creek and several other of our study groups. We also have some new things developing in the leadership core of our church with numbers of new leaders serving.

Southeast Valley Bible Church shares me four days a month with IBL. The exception of that was August when I completed a 19-day missions trip. Ministry travel over the last year has seen me all over the map – Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Russia and all over the United States. Just a quick word on needed support. We still need a bit more funding for the level of part-time ministry I give to IBL. If you are willing to help please consider making a regular donation to IBL West. You can send the support to PO Box 338 – Fairview, NC 28730. I’m praying for three more supporting monthly partners this quarter. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, support and love.

Dr. Joel and Toni Tetreau

Joel and Toni

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