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Spring 2017


Dear Family/Friends,

What a year 2016 was. What a year 2017 is shaping up to be. It’s hard to admit that the “New Year” is a fourth over. I am writing this update on April 1st. This is called “April Fool’s Day.” I love the quote made famous by Jim Elliot, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” There isn’t much that a believer can invest in outside of God’s work and His Word that fits into that thought by Elliot. Of course He put his money where his mouth was: paying with his life for the gospel work he and his friends had committed to. As I write this note I want to ask at the front of this letter that you prayerfully consider the corner of the Lord’s vineyard God has called you to. Outside of God’s call for you to make an impact in your home, with friends, neighbors and co-workers, God has called all of us to make a difference in the scope of ministry. Perhaps some of you would be willing to help hold the hands up of IBL West. As you will see in a moment God has pushed us way outside our comfort zone in the amount of “side-by-side” ministry IBL (Institute of Biblical Leadership) is presently engaged in. I want to thank you who have given to our wing of the IBL ministry (IBL West). Some of you sacrificially give on a monthly basis. Some of you give on an “as-you-can” basis. Some of you have not yet given but you pray for us, you care for us and you are for us. Thank you for your support.

These continue to be blessed days at Southeast Valley Bible Church in Gilbert, AZ. In January we marked 18 years of pastoral ministry here in Gilbert and are thankful for all that God has accomplished in that period. God blessed our congregation this year with numerical growth which we are thankful for. We also have had a few families who have moved on primarily for work or because of distance. We will miss those families dearly. My wife Toni continues to be a help to our church especially in connection with music and the women’s ministry here at SVBC. She has taken over the leading of the choir as we come up on our Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Just a few days before Easter (April 16) we will gather together for a solemn time at 7 pm on Good Friday (April 14). We are thankful for the solid discipleship groups, men’s and women’s teaching ministry, not to mention our children’s and youth programs that have resulted in significant ministry this year. We are presently launching a new small group in Queen Creek that will initially be under the leadership of Pastor Jesse Muldoon. Over the next several weeks we will begin to lose some of our families who are with us during the nicer time of the year (in other words they are gone when it’s hot here :) ). Jonathan (and his wife Brittany), Jeremy and Joshua continue to do well in life, ministry, work and school. All of them will have busy summers.

I have been part of the staff or board of IBL for nearly 13 years. For several years, the church family here at SVBC has shared me with IBL for three to four days each month. I continue to serve IBL as both a board member and as the Regional Coordinator for IBL West. During that time, the majority of my financial support for those days of IBL ministry has come from my salary as pastor for SVBC. What I am now doing is raising “missions support” from both congregations and individuals for the portion of my work each month that is designated for IBL ministry. This does a few things for us. First, it shifts the burden of my IBL ministry away from SVBC onto a growing supporting team of “co-laborers” who are willing to partner with our missions and ministry leadership work with IBL, here in the West (and around the globe). Second, this allows our staff at IBL to have more resources to accomplish the ministry God has called us to. Very candidly we need your financial support. We especially could use a few more monthly supporters for our work at IBL West.

So at IBL our primary ministry “target” is Christian leaders and the ministries they serve. Our ever-expanding case load is divided up into leadership training, coaching, counseling and consulting (often in the form of crisis response). We love God’s servants and the ministries they lead at IBL. It is very much our delight to come beside these men and women and serve them in the various ways we do. One wing of that ministry is coming alongside of men and women in ministry who have been hurt either by their own failure or by the barbs of others. Toni and I have a guest suite in our home and sometimes we are privileged to host a Christian leader and their spouse as we minister counseling and grace to their hurts. These ministry situations are frankly all over the planet. As I write this update, I and other IBL colleagues are preparing to help a congregation with planning, leadership organization/relationships, and other leadership issues in Arizona, California and Wisconsin (just to name three). As of yesterday we have a significant team in Africa leading a training event for nearly 50 African pastors. I have recently been privileged to do some leadership teaching (primarily utilizing IBL material) for several different organizations (Two of those are ANAM and the IFCA International). My next major International missions trip (in August) will be to South Africa, Kenya and then to Moscow, Russia. If you would like to help us financially with this trip, please send a gift to Southeast Valley Bible Church (710 E. Williams Field Rd. – Gilbert, AZ 85296) and in the memo please put “PJ’s ministry travel” (or something like that).

If you are willing to help us with monthly or occasional financial support for IBL West, please let us know. My email is or Those wishing to support the work we do for IBL West, please send those gifts to our IBL HQ and central office at PO Box 338 – Fairview, NC 28730. May God richly bless you in the days ahead as you faithfully plow in your corner of our Lord’s vineyard. If you ever find yourself in our neck of the desert, please stop by for a visit and a cup of coffee! Until then, please know we are very much your friend….


Straight Ahead!


Dr. Joel and Toni Tetreau

Joel and Toni







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