Always Reforming: Where our Ecclesiastical Fathers….Became Deformed!

IFCA – AZ Regional – April 7, 2017

Always Reforming: Where our Ecclesiastical Fathers….Became Deformed!

Dr. Joel Tetreau

Senior Pastor – Southeast Valley Bible Church – Gilbert, AZ

Western Regional Coordinator – Institute of Biblical Leadership – Fairview, NC


(The opinions of Joel Tetreau are his own. They may or may not reflect the views of anyone else at SEVBC, IBL or the IFCA. If you find any of this objectionable please don’t blame Joel’s parents, any of his friends, the schools where he studied… or his wife. You can reach Joel on his email at

Introduction – So over the years I have stated publicly I believe in a historic fundamentalism not a hysteric fundamentalism. To many on the outside (and to many of us on the inside) there is a real struggle to understand where one ends and the other begins! So while I seldom use the word with people who cannot appreciate the context of it, I still appreciate the idea behind what we mean by “fundamentalism.” In one of the more recent editions of Voice, I noted and appreciated very much the thoughts behind Gary Gilley and his article entitled, “Thinking About Legalism” (March/April 2017, 18-19).  I like Gary’s use of the distinction between “Cultural” and “Biblical” fundamentalism. While we reflect on 500 years of reformation let me note that I am also indebted to the ideas of “Reformation Theology.” I’m not sure how one can say he is historically a fundamentalist without also having a great appreciation for the ideas of “Grace alone,” Scripture alone,” “Faith alone,” Christ alone” for “God’s glory alone.” I am extremely thankful for the strength and ministry accomplished by the likes of Huss, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Knox (to name but a few).  Let me also say I am very much a dispensationalist in the classic sense. I continue to see two peoples of God divided between “Church” and “Israel.” God is not confused. Promises He makes to one will be fulfilled to that same one. Promises made to the other will be fulfilled to the other. I understand that there is a different essence between the “Mosaic Law” and the “Law of Christ” as it is mitigated in the “New Covenant” for the Church. My “dispensationalism” bleeds a bit in that I see an aspect of the Kingdom of God that is “already” as well as aspects that are, “not yet.” Having said that I see both some continuity and some discontinuity between the testaments. They meet together in the New Covenant where the eschatological promises to Israel are joined with the soteriological promises for the Church in one new and better covenant (as clearly spelled out by the author of Hebrews). The result of all of that is that New Testament saints are the spiritual descendants of Abraham!

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The Barnabas Chronicle – Spring 2017

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The Barnabas Chronicle

Spring 2017


Dear Family/Friends,

What a year 2016 was. What a year 2017 is shaping up to be. It’s hard to admit that the “New Year” is a fourth over. I am writing this update on April 1st. This is called “April Fool’s Day.” I love the quote made famous by Jim Elliot, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” There isn’t much that a believer can invest in outside of God’s work and His Word that fits into that thought by Elliot. Of course He put his money where his mouth was: paying with his life for the gospel work he and his friends had committed to. As I write this note I want to ask at the front of this letter that you prayerfully consider the corner of the Lord’s vineyard God has called you to. Outside of God’s call for you to make an impact in your home, with friends, neighbors and co-workers, God has called all of us to make a difference in the scope of ministry. Perhaps some of you would be willing to help hold the hands up of IBL West. As you will see in a moment God has pushed us way outside our comfort zone in the amount of “side-by-side” ministry IBL (Institute of Biblical Leadership) is presently engaged in. I want to thank you who have given to our wing of the IBL ministry (IBL West). Some of you sacrificially give on a monthly basis. Some of you give on an “as-you-can” basis. Some of you have not yet given but you pray for us, you care for us and you are for us. Thank you for your support.

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