The Barnabas Chronicle – Winter 2017/2018

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The Barnabas Chronicle – Winter 2017/2018

Dear Family/Friends – As I think about the last year at the Tetreau home, Southeast Valley Bible Church and at IBL (, I’m amazed at God’s grace to get us through all that took place. It was a “larger-than life” kind of year. We faced trials like everyone does but God’s grace was more than up for the journey. We are thankful for a good year at home. Toni continues to teach piano & serve at church in a variety of ways. The latest from her is a Christmas CD, “Little Drummer Boy” containing Christmas traditional piano with Toni’s special style. The boys continue to do well. Jonathan & his wife Brittany live close & continue to serve at our church. Josh our youngest also serves at SEVBC & continues in his second year of education study at ASU. Jeremy, our middle son, is finishing up his senior year of ministry study at Liberty & we are thrilled that he will soon be done with this step in his preparation for the road in front of him.

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The Barnabas Chronicle – Fall 2017

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Dear Family/Friends,                                        The Barnabas Chronicle – Fall 2017 (Sept 13)

The Tetreaus are thankful as we head into the fall months of 2017. I write you on what may be the last day of triple digits for the Valley of the Sun. The next days the “Weather Channel” is forecasting our highs to be in the 90’s and the lows in the 60’s. I can’t begin to explain how good that is to the ears of Arizona dwellers.

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The Barnabas Chronicle – Spring 2017

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The Barnabas Chronicle

Spring 2017


Dear Family/Friends,

What a year 2016 was. What a year 2017 is shaping up to be. It’s hard to admit that the “New Year” is a fourth over. I am writing this update on April 1st. This is called “April Fool’s Day.” I love the quote made famous by Jim Elliot, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” There isn’t much that a believer can invest in outside of God’s work and His Word that fits into that thought by Elliot. Of course He put his money where his mouth was: paying with his life for the gospel work he and his friends had committed to. As I write this note I want to ask at the front of this letter that you prayerfully consider the corner of the Lord’s vineyard God has called you to. Outside of God’s call for you to make an impact in your home, with friends, neighbors and co-workers, God has called all of us to make a difference in the scope of ministry. Perhaps some of you would be willing to help hold the hands up of IBL West. As you will see in a moment God has pushed us way outside our comfort zone in the amount of “side-by-side” ministry IBL (Institute of Biblical Leadership) is presently engaged in. I want to thank you who have given to our wing of the IBL ministry (IBL West). Some of you sacrificially give on a monthly basis. Some of you give on an “as-you-can” basis. Some of you have not yet given but you pray for us, you care for us and you are for us. Thank you for your support.

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?
Joel Tetreau

 So yesterday ( February 8, 2015) our congregation voted on changing our name from Southeast Valley Baptist Church to Southeast Valley Bible Church. Why did we do that?

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Defeating Discouragement and Depression

An alarming rate of the Lord’s servants suffer from major discouragement and depression. What has been especially difficult and alarming is the number of presentations I have listened to that seem to indicate that this discouragement comes to those who are in some way, “weak” and “sinful.” Often times the listener goes away with the sense that if only I were “more holy,” or perhaps “more disciplined” I would be able to “break free” from these feelings of discouragement. Panic, anxiety and other physical “reactions” to stress and strain are often assumed to automatically be signs of “bad theology” or “personal sin.” Often such symptoms certainly may in part be connected with sinful choices. But we need to remember that one cannot assume that because a servant is going through a time of depression – even the type that effects one physically, that that is necessarily the result of “sin” in faith or practice. For those who refuse to accept this, I simply need to remind you of Jesus of Nazareth. Christ, in His humanity, suffered physiological symptoms (sweating blood) on the eve of his crucifixion. Yep, you have “physiological results” from “internal strain.” I hope we would not say that Jesus’ suffered from “bad theology” or “personal sin!” Just as it was normal for Jesus, to suffer the physiological effects of strain at Golgotha – Those of us less divine can certainly expect that often we will feel the effects of discouragement even depression and anxiety in our weak, physical bodies and brains!

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